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Official game board specifications.

Washers has many different boards of play. The A.W.A.A. uses just one. The boards are 12 inches wide by 48 inches long and 4 inches tall. Each board has three, 3½ inch holes spaced at 12, 24 and 36 inches. The two boards are spaced 10 feet apart from each other.  The washers are standard 1 inch washers (they are 2½ wide with a 1 inch hole in the center).

How we play.

Two players or teams of two. Two players start by throwing three washers each from the same side of the board. The first hole is worth 1 point the middle 3 points and the farthest worth 5 points. Players take turns throwing all 3 washers consecutively. After both players have thrown, the player with most points throws first from the opposite board. Teams would split up one on each end of the boards.

The object is to score 21 points first and win the game.

Points are awarded in net scoring. This means that after both players trow their washers the lower score is subtracted from the higher one. If both players score the same amount of points no points are awarded. For example if player one score 4 points then player two scores 5, player two gets 1 point. Player two "washed" 4 of player one's points.

If a player throws and scores more than 21 points they "bust" back to 13.

If a players washers form a stack on the board it is a automatic win, unless the other player does the same or scores 21, then the stack is "washed" and score stays the same. A stack is also counted if all three washers are in the same hole.

1,3,5 win. This is where a player throws a washer in each of the three holes to win the game. This win may be washed by the opponent doing the same, stacking on the board or scoring 21.

If a player scores 21 and has washer/s in hand he must throw the remaining washers and hit the top of the board. No overhand throwing is allowed. If the player misses the top of the board then they go back to 20. A player may only lose 1 point this way per turn.

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